Making a Difference
A few examples of our success...

Picture Perfect


Imagine a house with block walls and no insulation. The temperature inside is the same as the temperature outside. There's no air conditioning to ease the fierce heat of the hot, summer days and there is only one stove to provide heat for the bitter, cold days of winter. However, it's not deemed safe enough to run. The floors are dirt with carpet simply thrown over them to cover. The kitchen fauet is a garden hose ran through a window and there's no warm water for a bath/shower. Mold is present throughout the house and is inhaled with every breath. Imagine this is YOUR home.

For most, this would be a nightmare. However, for one KMHDC family, this wasn't a bad dream. This was the reality they awoke to every morning.

The house was originally a family business and after the business closed, the building became home, but over the years, the family became unable to properly maintain the home. Ms. Smith developed illnesses which left her crippled and mostly bed-ridden. Shortly after, her husband passed away and close friends saw the need for decent housing.

A new house was built next door and finally, Ms. Smith was able to say she was "home." There she found accommodations  for every challenge she faced. She had a handicap accessible shower and spacious hallways and doorways so she could take her wheelchair on the front porch.

She said it best with this: "I always wanted a house on the hill. It looked like something from a picture book. I'm so proud of it. Dad would've like it."
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Building a Legacy

Most anyone would find themselves aggravated with the thoughts of not having enough space; however, for Grace and Caleb they found it to be a blessing since their family was growing. A small, 2 bedroom worked fine for the young couple at first, but they began to need more space. So, the house hunting search began for something more suitable for not only Grace and Caleb, but for their 3 small children as well.

That's when they decided to let Kentucky Mountain Housing do what it does best...make the dream of homeownership a reality! In just a few short months, the couple and their children were moving into a brand new home and it wasn't someone else's. It was a home of their very own. Grace, Caleb and their children especially love the porch and the extra space, but they say there isn't a part of the home they don't enjoy. The couple says they were so satisfied with their Kentucky Mountain Houisng experience that they have recommended family and friends take the same step they did. When asked how their new home has affected their family, they said this: "Honestly, it changes our lives. It has allowed us to proud of what we have worked for." It seems this family is building a legacy to last for generations to come!
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New Journey, New Home
It was shocking news to say the least. He was a father.  Joe's son was already three months old. Now, Joe was given complete responsibility for his young child. It was, no doubt, a new adventure and somewhat of a challenge for this new dad, but he embraced it with open arms.

What better way to add to this new journey than in a new home? Joe adn his son, now 5 years old, are living in this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,353 square feet home where they can make memories that will last a l ifetime. The new journey for this single father and his new best friend will, most certainly, lead them to even greater happiness than they already know!
A New Home Gives New Life
Angela and Michael thought things were going just fine. Michael had a job that allowed him to more than sufficiently provide for his family and everyone was happy. Until one day, when Angela was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). That was about four years ago; Angela hasn't walked in three.

Angela's condition forced Michael to quit his job to care for her and even their daughter schedules her college classes for only the times that someone else can stay with Angela. The hallway in their mobile home made it impossible for Angela to maneuver her wheelchair through the home, so she was basically confined to one room, with little to no access to even a window. There was no handicap accessiblility, so anytime she left the house, she had to be carried to their automobile. The family now had no health insurance and some treatments were simply too expensive.

They came to Kentucky Mountain Housing with a great need for better housing and that's exactly what our organization set out to do.

Michael, Angela and their children are now living in a home equipped with a handicap accessible ramp that makes leaving home a much simpler task. A handicap accessible bathroom was also included in the plans and the home was constructed so that Angela's wheelchair will maneuver throughout the entire home, including the front porch, where she can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

And to think...we really do make dreams come true!
All household names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.